Uncategorized February 14, 2019

“Is it a good time to buy a house?”

– YES! The housing market in Indianapolis took a big jump a few years ago, causing prices to increase.  It was a much needed correction.  Since then, prices have remained higher but stable.  Some buyers are waiting for the prices to come back down, but market experts don’t expect that to happen.  Your takeaway?  Indy has a stable housing market.

In addition, and this is what caught my eye, interest rates  are lower than expected!  According to Brett Boston with USB Bank, a conventional 30yr rate is 4.375%.  The rate for a 15 year is only 3.875%!  Of course, rates are dependent on your credit, so these are only estimates, but WOW!  3.875%??  Keep your money invested and get a mortgage!

If you have questions about buying or selling your home, or want some help finding a reputable lender, call or email me.  I’d love to help!