Uncategorized February 19, 2019

The Red Line is Coming!

The construction phase of the Red Line has a lot of neighbors, friends and businesses very upset, but there is good news on the horizon. The construction time frame has been shortened! You will be able to take the RED LINE to the first home Colts Football game!!!  The new plan will have the Red Line up and running by the end of this Summer!


The other good news is that National Association of REALTORS says that with improvement of light rail transportation, property values increase an average of 40% within the first 5 years after completion.  Some of this appreciation has already been seen by sales of investment property along College Ave. It is hard to say how far the impact will help property values, but it is safe to say those who can walk to the Red Line will benefit the most.


If you have a chance to visit a business along the route, know they they will really appreciate and let them know you will be back when the line is finished also.


For more on the Red LIne visit indygo.com/Redline & enjoy Spring 2019!!